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How to maintain excavators


The maintenance of excavators is very important as it can extend their service life and reduce malfunctions. Here are some suggestions for excavator maintenance:

Regularly replace the oil, machine filter, air filter, and other filter elements to ensure that the oil is clean and free of impurities.

Regularly inspect hydraulic systems such as hydraulic oil and oil pipes to avoid leakage and pollution.

After each use, clean the inside and outside of the excavator to prevent dust accumulation and corrosion.

Regularly inspect the wear of turning frames, tracks, sprockets, chains, and other parts, and replace worn parts in a timely manner.

Regularly check the working status of components such as the engine, electrical appliances, air conditioning, and lighting fixtures, and promptly repair any abnormalities found.

Before maintenance, be sure to shut down the machine and drain the hydraulic oil from hydraulic cylinders and other parts.

Regular maintenance is carried out, with a maintenance interval of generally 200-500 hours. Please refer to the machine operation manual for details.

During the use of excavators, excessive use should be avoided, and impact and slow driving should be minimized to reduce machine wear and tear.

In addition, for fuel management, the following points need to be noted:

Choose different grades of diesel according to different environmental temperatures to avoid mixing impurities, dust, and water with diesel, otherwise it will cause premature wear of the fuel pump.

After completing daily operations, the fuel tank should be filled with fuel to prevent water droplets from forming on the inner wall of the fuel tank.

After the engine runs out of fuel or the filter element is replaced, the air in the pipeline must be drained.

Good maintenance and upkeep can keep excavators in good condition and extend their service life.


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