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How to choose a second-hand excavator ?


When choosing a second-hand excavator, the following factors need to be considered:

Determine budget: Select the appropriate model based on your own budget to avoid overspending.

Choose a reliable merchant: Choosing a reputable merchant can provide after-sales service and quality assurance.

Appearance inspection: Check whether the excavator appearance has been refurbished or repaired, and whether there are obvious welding marks or excessive patches.

Engine inspection: Check whether the engine is running normally, whether there are abnormal sounds or vibrations, and whether the exhaust system is normal.

Hydraulic system inspection: Check the hydraulic system for leaks or abnormal sounds, check the oil level and cleanliness.

Inspection of the walking part: Check the track and chassis for wear or deformation, and check whether the walking motor and pipelines have been replaced.

Oil pump inspection: Check whether the oil pump leaks oil and whether the oil nozzle is normal.

Cab inspection: Check if there are any abnormal sounds or odors inside the cab, and check if the instrument panel and operation panel are normal.

Other details inspection: Check whether the heat dissipation system, electrical system, safety devices, etc. are normal.

When purchasing second-hand excavators, it is necessary to pay more attention and choose reliable merchants and equipment to ensure that satisfactory equipment is purchased.


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